SIDE YIN- / by D.M. Jerman

Katsu philosophy is kaiju philosophy. I am a eureka monster. In hiding, in training, in love. The holy places emerge in their own vivid time. Accentuated praxis looks elsewhere to feed the line. I cast the high purities ahead to clear the path toward my own liberation. Shall I believe it?

The arousing innocence assures renewal. Explicit stillness is the desired characteristic. Grok this commanding hex and live to hang the ring for the next player. Honey-drip slow bleeds the comedy of paradox. Within the virtue of tautology a catalogue exists, sitting deftly at the table of intuition, which invites review.

I am there also, having brought my gifts of worthiness and responsibility. Enthusiasm and contemplation. My presence allows for a becoming. Each siren requires a receptacle.

Humility to the exterior introduces a nexus. An eternity of recess on the gamine moon. Oriented toward the axis of rejuvenation, its watery landscape ab ovo in potential. All dwellers emporiatrics of pleasure. Moving up into the enchanted encampment is a sense of veridical peace.

Night interviews the neutral, and the damp flow is met with a reassertion of softness. In this caesura of deepspace the body forms its attitudes. Glorious mentalities of heavy import merge in exquisite decay. This stellar fondness shakes cool bells.

Satisfied theories of the black interior flex into sweet tone. Algorithms of the harvest process sing in hypotonic decline. Home, pelagic, cultivated in the synchronicity of our solipsistic mass: such consolidated passion obstructs nothing. Comprehensive and feminine nothingness provides an esemplastic device, shaping the optics to options and delivering the reward of dew and the nectars of expression.

I am a woman- a machine of rejoicing in the common power. An engine of thanks and polished image. Ancient, firm waters wash frequencies and drink only of their own message. Onyx tinctures of crucial inspiration. Milks of twilit sabbaths cool in the bardo. Custom and nature furnish my bohemian despair.

Compatible with this enlightenment is the legend of the spontaneous forest. For upon the back of the smooth stone a diffusion and a cosmic initiative introduced meridians to the surface. Their radiant surrender in turn supports the subjective compulsions of creative life. Cursory slices of high wonder like ichnographed awe dress the points across an adust planet.

Translations kiss-accost this big tonight driving collections of compressed celestial body-dreams west. Those coring clouds gathering adventures fury for a return to the labyrinth of rain. Surely intermissions cadence here concocts additional stimulating bends in the nurturing of the recommended mother.

Morbidezza do not conflict with our small zen eye. Earth cream and the flower of a wooden sun in the head tree is the swoon of a sea color adjusting the volume of the panorama.

Synch in the journey of the will. Embossed is the loam of this lull, and the terms of the hidden rules roost. Whelmed in our current goodbye is a wrinkle of satisfaction. A seat for revitalization in that most excellent discovery: the inner light.