"Don't Try." - Three Poems / by D.M. Jerman

Exercise in Standpoint Theory-


I can't wait to go to bed with you.

Sword at my side.


On a holy day, all smoke is mine.

You keep the mirrors, but please share the wine.


What blue sky there is, I'll take too.

Then I'll love you.


Stupid questions come with a cover charge.

Coffee on a night just now revealing planets.


Too bad- screams come with a burn in the moment.

The masters are named for these truths- you know why.


We are stones near the sea,

And ever shall be.



Too Clever By Half-


By Hell and everywhere within

any redemptions made impossible

from the ingestion of too much


The dove turned snake in the urn.


Residue accumulated along this path

has put out the light. Has blinded

and accelerated decay.

The fawn turned rat in the urn.


Turned- wild and woolly, this

urn, once girl.

Augmented and heightened

a woe chronicle

reopening wounds.


Low, dry as a draft.

Turning the sun brown.

No mist across the stale map-

A log of empty caresses

itself too clever by half.


By Hell and everywhere within

residue accumulated along this path

turned wild and woolly- this low

dry as a draft.

An urn too clever by half.



‘Flaming Creatures’ - (after the film of the same name)


…Where forked associations hoo

into smolder-and-charred tonights

which beg to lack all else.

Colossal bouquets have perished

in the fevered lava’s flame

tumbling sanguine in the barking trance.


Awake after the orgy

and shed of loneliness

the tongue, renewed in its gravity

is slack, and on its own relieves nothing.

Night hums its last.

The intellect is pulled back in.

Called to pause and rest from its heights.


Time scours itself for new music

so the dance may resume.

No costume change required

while the lamp weaves high over flower-piled heads.

No rinsing this ripeness.

It is not used up.

It is getting used to itself.


New mates continue, of course.

Jostled and recorded by divine memory.

Its great body collecting light

in a furious mix of ray and direction.

There is no denying now the spinning.

The system’s willingness to hallucinate.

Look here- at that same point in the curve…


(repeat from beginning)