Blue Stocking in a Brown Study / by D.M. Jerman

When you know you want to think, walk to the skate park. Take a bench and hit a cigarette.

3 kids with decks, 2 on bikes. No rollerblades. No other goofy trick machines.

A slow Thursday afternoon. For a moment these children are completely in charge of their own destinies, and that is a kind of utopia.

The kind of day on which the sun shines so beautifully that even if you have problems, you could close your eyes and feel it's deep warmth and not care so much about them.

Sometimes you don't know what you even need or want to think about, you just know you need to think.

The sound of clack-clack-skurr and muffled punk rock from somebody's beat up boom box are just what you need to do it.

After the cigarette there's the lollipop.

Now you’re warm enough to take off that cardigan and get out your notebook and begin. Beginning anywhere feels good.

Being here to begin feels best.