How You Know You've Made It: / by D.M. Jerman

And not in any particular order:
-Someone buys your book.
-Someone reads something you've written to someone else.
-You get rejected.
-You get accepted.
-Someone tattoos a line of your poetry on their body.
-You finish a poem/collection of poems/many collections of poem.
-When someone says "hey I really liked your book."
-When someone cries over something you've written.
-When you get "in trouble" over something you've written.
-People invite you to come read aloud.
-People ask you to host a reading/show/performance.
-You get good enough at reading aloud to do it on the street without feeling too exposed.
-You stop worrying and learn to love the mess.
-You fall in love with someone who fell in love with your poetry first.