Repining Polemics / by D.M. Jerman

coffee +
wake up
call rushes
off to a 
day of break
fast burrito
and picking
out new boots
and winter
coat before
a recording
session +
still from snot
rocket city
being built
in sinuses-
I blow
more comes...
Free coffee
at the burrito
house not bad
good for
people watching
A day that's
not even lousy
with people.
My nails still
red a few chips
Blissed from
taking a quality
poo. Just laying
the studio floor-
getting reacquainted
with my dirty t-shirt
and a nice long
day off.
"Should I be
her?" The
M. Monroe
question is asked
not of photographers
but of
self- out
of pose in the wet
wet city so
missing birdsong.
Drops of rain
song so many
grey excuses
crave a misty
morning summer
in a wooded glade
with lush forest
peep and call all
the air sweet
as unmelted
Instead- Ill. In
IL. Still. A few
false nights
of sleep is here
for those who 
can take the
current cold
and not pull down
sweats and chills.
I mail a postcard
and go to work.
It's probably what
got me sick OR
all this bike
riding no real
jacket I'm dull
under all the
music and writing
I need to make
For real big
epic too-
the kind I'm going
to get into
anthologies with
I've got
to pour a glass of
wine and cough
evening shot
through with that
Instead- here
among the
a black matrix
down out of the
sky up from
under cars- tiny
burnt broken
skeleton extractions
out from
into the final
So small.
The snowflakes
of hell.
I fear this
as carcinogenic
lodging in the
throat and nose
and soft parts
to recklessly
mangle my own
tender helix
deep within.
What of truth
has ever been
so visible?
Of these fragile
of discarded
dinosaur blood
I give too much
They are
matchless with
the magic babble
of birds- exotic
and not- exciting
the very green
in the branches
with thankful
balming call.
They are not
me- digging
out the gear
for basic warmth
cover-ups and 
slip sliding over
wet underfoot
Whisky as warm
wet as the
The gang of
nightime creatures
awake, hedging
Hard to sit
up straight and
get into
that eveningtime
When you do
all go too the
dominoes what
ached to fall.
I don't think
I can take it much
longer. This
town tearing
a hole in my
I erase number
after number
from my phone
it feels so
good I don't know
why I'm not
throwing the
whole thing into
the lake. Could
be so close to
Running renegade
back to anywhere.
A lump
in a throat
is a knot
in a stomach
and the hot tears
unjam only
if I admit he's not
there. What if he's
not there?
Not even yet born?
I could find him
then find myself
hating myself for
loving him all over
than you
like a fox
to try being alone.
It could take years.
But your time
and mine
wave differently.
You will remember
me mostly
because you will
get the notion
that I knew something
that you're not sure
you know now. You
only know that it's
now you need to
know it. You will
not go deeper to
the place where
you discover it
was only the basic
gratitude that
was required. Too
much will distracts
from a plain dumb
truth of the present.
I may
once have been
a her that
was more for
others taking. Once
I may have been
happy to be 
leaned or lead
It is a fleeting
happy. I feel
the truth is
that I never really
have been. But
the risk is a 
faith-charge to
be again that
sweet post
for the right
they? Him.
With whom I 
eject myself
from the missing
out beyond not
enough cool
stuff happening
to beyond where
I boxed myself
in with work and
sighing upwardly
against the
darkness for more
energy. Made here
the same mistake
as all other friends-
fiends who aren't
punk anymore except
I didn't set out
deliberately to
do this. Aside
all else is this
morning- frozen
and bright and
me- another USA-
born diver and
dodger. Fence-sitter
learning bitch tricks
and bad habits
from the who-cares-
less fit-giveaway
Stand/sit and
wait in the sun. All
that's left to
do in the 
city is look around
at more city. To
be a flame burning up
barstools. Observe-
thee by thee- a
dance made on corners
way out of the
Still into the use
of your own
little world. The
best reality is inside.
Indulging all spasms
that do not soften
one so much
as enliven.
And it keeps coming
and coming
and it keeps coming
'til the day it stops.
Who's safe? For the
So what if I was
a lovely thing
and now I'm not?
That the city
turned me into a
reeking farting
funhouse of lies?
I've got bigger
bridges to burn. All
my chapter
thirteens huddle
into a pleasure forum
of airy dust on old
vinyl. A hopelessly
beautiful melody
seeps in on delayed
guitar. A record
to control time.
Leisure cast
forward or back
over closed tired
eyes imagined
memories. Sometimes.
Sometimes I shine.
I know there is a
light for the darkest
days. Sometimes.
Why, which now?
This year's sloppy
slut update: the one-night
stands the
most satisfying sex
to beat
No expectations of
more, simply the
enjoyment of
another name added
to the list. 3 hot
pussy poundings
in one night- a 
blissful feeling
carried over into the
good sleep of the next,
and the enjoyable
notion that sex
is still sexy, and more
could be coming
my way and if
these dudes I keep
running into keep
having big dicks
then by all
means line them
up. There's only
been one not worth
mentioning and
he moved away,
so we won't
him. I'm really
thrilled to have
ditched mr.
perpetual jealousy
for the duration
and he seems to 
have stayed away.
Life is a lot simpler
without him.