Little Red Writing Nerd - A Short Notebook / by D.M. Jerman

- It's so simple: the world gets easier to live in in proportion to how effectively you wash your hands.

- I give up on the notion that I will ever find a book that will lead me to the conclusion I must write a novel. Things, pieces, become novels, I think.

-You wouldn't think it, but you can meet some real people when you go running in the rain.

- When we talk about politics now, we are talking about our corporate masters, plain and simple...
I have every intention to decriminalize my life.

- Recently I found some hi-tops in decent condition. When I wear them, they make me want to go skateboarding.

These Shoes Have to Last One Summer-

These shoes have
to last me one summer.
Every warm hours walk
until they grey and wear.

These shoes must endure the sweet
stunt of August. July, June.
The wet of the pool,
The fireworks flame.

They must slip on quick
when my friends arrive
and slip off quick
when the beach calls my skin

Practical certainly,
Durable, maybe
At least not for long
but please into September.

These shoes shall endure
a marked season
melted and crisped
to cicada sounds.

Not chosen for mileage,
but miles come anyhow.
Miles and miles on
city and trail.

All I need from these shoes-
a single summer.
When school starts
Ill permit them a tear.

Another pair
in another summer.
I cannot demand more
than what's only fair.