Nik'd / by D.M. Jerman

To the song a grey cat makes
I reopen a memory
I have a long edge that cannot be spread further
I make it go
we make it do
your push is not love
Please-to shrink me with hot kiss
is to make me on backwards
maybe you are being pusillanimous
about this maybe you are looking for colorless music
too bad your island has a boundary
which cannot help but live with mine
I try staring
from staring back
into your ice blue eyes
unforgiving waves
will I give up saying
I love you
Will I stay away
Out of the place
turn the chair to the wall
for privacy with my gaze
too bad
for our islands could be
balanced close enough
too bad
you crave too close
what kind of punishment
is this love I seem to have asked
for myself for you too?
Too bad this
island of love
requires a new boundary.