Letter For A Last Time - A Fiction / by D.M. Jerman

Dear Mom-

You know, I didn't think he'd come out either. But maybe it was just to spite us. Either way, we tried to enjoy each others company as much as possible.

The weather held out for his trip- unseasonably warm the first day, and of course rainy the next. Lots of slush, but not cold. We even fooled around on the train like old times. He didn't comment on my new tattoo, but I know he noticed it because I caught him looking and smiling.

'Funny' phenomenon- near our old neighborhood we saw a Chase Bank sign with the C, S and E burnt out so it only read "ha". Same thing happened down the road to the 'shack' in Radio Shack. No S, C or K. only '"ha".
Ha Ha.

Oh! before I forget, we saw a white wolf! Very dirty, west off the green line while doing some urban exploration around the old candy factory. There are trolley lines thru there and the wolf was carrying on down one of them. Time seemed to stop while we watched him appear and disappear. I think we saw him before we found the beautiful ceramic children's tea party set. Seriously, I kicked over a box and there it was, dirty and chipped, but still set up like it was waiting for somebody. And that's why I refused to take any pieces away.

He liked my new room. The view at night is really the best part; soft pink grey light coming from obscure sources making the fire escape seem like a moody stage set. I turned on some music and went down to dance in the alley where he could see me. It was nice to feel more lovely than exposed.

The last night he was here I had a dream that I was home, trying to play chess using all my friends as pieces. Eventually they all got tired and started sitting and laying down and napping on one another, but I didn't mind even tho' I still wanted to keep playing the game- I just got out the regular chess board and set things up and then laid down myself! I remember laughing when I woke up.

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