The Palm Reader / by D.M. Jerman

You must fly, she says.
There is one who will put you on a pedestal
Everything you do is fine,
he says,
you need nothing else.
And when you go, leave, fly and succeed and return
they will say they knew it all along.

The long extension between pinki and ring
the proud v
is indicative of artistic temperament.
But you, girl, are dilettante and your art is not yet a of a singular purpose,
which is acceptable on the part of your youth.

The trust issues...
have you deceived yourself?
On around your most pubescent year, you were betrayed.. a self betrayal.
Because of this you suppressed a part of your nature that is not gone
you should not seek to get it back
instead to relax into it again
and let it pop up like a button.

you're getting closer.
your nature again arrives
and on time
to carry you into the sky.