Your Day Is Everybody Else's Life- a self pillaged from dreams / by D.M. Jerman

So here are a few scenarios from sleep over the past few years. Let me know what you've been dreaming about lately, or if you have dreamt something similar to these depictions.

8/26 - a scene capitalized upon mid-wakefulness. I am moving along the ground, crouched but not crawling, picking up change. Pennies, dimes, sometimes quarters, trying to pick them up as fast as they appear, but they are appearing too fast & my hands can't hold them, or my pockets. I feel a combative frustration knowing this. But almost as soon as the idea of release of the mental block by releasing all the change appears, it happens. The floor is flooded with coins & their sounds & the dream subsides.

12/16- My father is on his knees. Doesn't totally look like him. He is pleading w/ me to go out & "Do" & "utilize my talent."

2/7- Band geeks on stage @ my HS. Dressed up however we want. I'm about to go on, not fully dressed. Gonna do this runway thing. They play Black Box and it's ridiculous.

2/11- Wake up suddenly to a beautiful day. The sun nigh & bright @ 7:45a. I hear birds. So tennis. Lots of it. Frustrating as ever. Old indoor courts @ the Edgeworth Club. Suddenly I'm hanging out w/ the mentally retarded. Paula Abdul is there in red pumps. They all start laughing uncontrollably @ nothing @ all. This after I've asked the retarded girl to show all of us her tits, then explained why very intellectually, then showed them my tits.
Then another dream- a hotel. An elevator. Old couple refuses to take the stairs. A kid I'm tutoring in math tries to pull off his burn wound gauze while thinking about a problem he can't solve because I haven't given him enuf information. He almost looks like Spiderman struggling to get out of the suit, he's all meaty & gross.

3/18- "Bobby" has pink hair.
Seagulls eating homeless black men.
Sparkling champagne from 1798 w/ 2 visa cards.
Everyone on my outward bound trip quits & I go home with the leader whom I know.

6/7 I dreamt of the pet mosquito. Drinking of me as she coiled her longest strongest limbs around my finger. There she stayed, feeding, electric fires in her belly reproducing until she burst with the fire of growth and tongues of blood sparks became her new carapace- her triple-upgraded body, a new more perfect toy. Now her bulk fit the top of my hand, no longer my finger. My friends stand amazed @ my new pet, intelligent & fast, and my willingness to participate in the experiment that gave my blood over to the unknown creature. I was happy, as I knew she would grow larger still & thrive. Lit up with knowledge and usefulness- as much a servant to me as I to her.

6/18- Crushingly vivid!
Lastly- a federal excavation team is about to reopen the ground where something massive is buried (Chicago?)
-I am lonely with nowhere to sleep in Anchorage, AK. As I pass the lovers on the windy stormy night on the beach the man takes pictures of his loved who grows less shy @ revealing herself more w/ each shot, and more elaborate and beautiful @ the same time.. A dive bar is lit up by the beach & I wander into it.

2/27- I am roommates with artist Amanda Johnson. I'm also a dominatrix. A man comes over to the loft with his assistants and lots of toys demanding I service him. It is only later that I find an abstract porn of him and another "service vehicle" that I attempt to watch & quickly (or not quickly enough) turn off when I find myself amongst others.
Back in the loft, at first he is a eunuch, and his "hole" that he wants me to kiss/fuck is tainted with green pus. Later we get into it and, altho' he now has a penis and balls, they too are infected. I fuck him using strange (clear glass, ribbed) tools & in strange positions. There is a mess of lube/cum/something on Amanda's full length 3 piece mirror. She is angry about it. Before the boy goes he comforts me & tells me I've been great, which I know I have for him. (I am now deeply vulnerable.)
Later, other interactions occur. like a fat leprechaun-like man on a news program getting ready to do the weather dressed in St. Patties gaudy paper decor & yelling "Erin Go Braugh!"

5-5 - Cinco De Mayo!
I am trying to order Steelers tickets @ several "booths" for a large group of people and it turns into a lot of zine gathering (big newspaper size) and all these football-player-sized mascots (furry & representative of heaven/hell) appear, one of which is a Gene Wilder-type w/ which I am trapped in his pink furry comfortable suit, talking like "Sol Rosenberg."
I wake up @ quarter to 1p! So late!

6/6 - Slept @ dad's house.
Naughty dreams in the desert... very frustrating feeling & full of blockages & miscommunications. A naked boy with a symmetrical tribal rainbow tattoo around his mouth breaks in and tries to fuck the journalist, dressed in red, who flees to the jazz record convention. I follow...

6/21- (Star Wars influenced modern conflict?) A War.
Storm troopers are what many civilians have been brainwashed/bodywashed to become & the practice continues. A professor beckons a student to use herself as an information courier. Puzzle pieces & gadgetry are involved as well as a suicide method. Meanwhile cross-planet there is a "hole". A great monster in a deep gap in the Earth that soldiers have been standing on a rocky/crumbling temple-esque precipice of and throwing themselves over.

7/6 - David Lynch hosts a massive dance/theatre show. A "Musical: The Musical". I'm in it @ the beginning, and stay to watch the part where KISS/Phantom of the Opera dancers come out in Elvira wigs.
Side dream: During a nap I dream of a kooky Japanese scientist @his desk. At the final part of the dream he puts his feet up & laughs hysterically after saying: "I am going to go out and BE mouse!"

11/18- How to book.
How to successfully computer animate a swing.
Bike cops! girls freeze. take a tumble backing bikes out of my bedroom window so I can clean.

5/11/10- The Three Stages of Life!
1. 4-6some young movie love triangle. Super romantic letter sharing and outdoor play, and eventually children.. something DH Lawrence might write.
2.Plumbing the Depths- I can't believe its water.. its so quiet. But here I go, hanging onto the arrowhead hook, along for the ride to find the leak in the pipes (of myself)
3. Grandma hates remote controls. I am in her room and I am the young person, but I know I am her also. She cannot read the large white and blue buttons to change the channel. But I can.