"Stone, New Stone" (2009) / by D.M. Jerman

(...now, your challenge is to take a line or few from this and write something of your own. good luck!)

channeled murmurs strike

in spike this echoing, this sensation of verbs

date. tense, past. Careful

cool reveal this bottom of where.

hung in the revelation, a rock of cherub/quality

my slow wit exits in the damaged words used in

yes, of yes, of yes final acquiesce

speaker/lights-notion up shared reality

(oft being spared reality)

three shades (real & myth & the real spectotic)

who will find this heart, and who will say, it is okay to believe (who)

(to) toward crass dismantle

a victory!

sublime liars, the milkman dreams

we etch new strings, harp, harp → it is done, this timely

affa(i)r, hands cuffed in the lasting vibration of windows, crack

(please) restore the ripened dignity

of a city in the eyes of love

not broken, not silent.

remembered. and fondly

dioce(dioce) do not gain the seas current.

do restore your victors, sublime

shapes glow in the dash (i's)

(not) di (to) o (say)ce, by this stare --

What has never been cut, will not

But what? Your car is in that part of

town that makes me nervous. (hollow?)


stones throw, throw as throat gives

n u d e language, a gauge, → it ← stutters

l l l lllook left.

walk, left.

speak, talk left.

if danger is a

heart, give it here.

Nick DeBoer/Dana Jerman