Busier than a black hole in a galactic whorehouse / by D.M. Jerman

I'm about to get all new-age and super-psychic on you, but bear with me, as some important questions are involved.

I've been casting or "pulling" runes. Runes- the ancient Nordic set of 24 symbols embodying all the world and the cycles of creation/destruction. (sometimes 25 if you count the symbol of no symbol.) Each with its own relatively hard-to-pronounce name and numeric value.
I've made my own deck of cards with a symbol on each, and have been using a small guidebook to do readings. Each reading pertaining to a specific issue or question. I've asked about relationships, friends, and most recently- work. This time pulling six runes in a specific order, and reading them according to a past-present-future outlook.

I have to say, one only invests power and respect in these things if they believe in the ability of a divination tool (tarot, palm reading, crystal balls, whatever.) to sincerely have insight into how one can CHOOSE to live; to change after connections are made based on the readings.

And...wow, guys. The runes are really working for me.

I've been wondering: are there specific archetypal "keys" that one uses to access the collective unconscious?

My work so far suggests that yes, if there were a set of keys, they are runes.

My "magic" has brought me to a certain point here. Meditation is important, as is writing. With runes I've also been doing some "dreamwork". I will usually relax and light a candle, shuffle the cards, choose one, meditate on it, attempt to respect it ceremoniously by touching it to my forehead and pillow. Then it is tucked it into my journal between the pages where I will write the next morning and compare the image and the meanings associated with it, with the download of images or dream happenings from the "collective unconscious" aka the internet of the mind. Of every mind. That's right, Jung was cooler than Freud.

Guys, I have wanted to find a way to do this for so long, and now here it is- right in front of me. I am giddy with good fortune- this is a gift, an awareness, that everyone can have. Somehow I think its foolish to assume it stops with humans.

But here's the flip: No keys needed necessarily- every idea is a doorway to what some describe as the "transcendental" state.
I'll say that again: Every Idea Is A Doorway.

Perhaps the "keys" are really only helpful at discovering and interpreting patterns after one enters a door.
But it's a relief to find that to access it, all one has to do is surrender effort. Simply breathe, and fall asleep.

On a media related note, I've been catching up on episodes of "Xavier: Renegade Angel" - Adult Swim's computer animated spastic shaman and his multi-dimentional adventures. Really an amazing comedy series that lampoons the shit out of vision quests and other ethereal hippy noise (as illustrated above!) in the name of a little bit of potty humor and triple entandres (sp?).

In a world full of decaf radio and television, I find myself turning more and more to animation for challenging content.

Let me know if you've stumbled on anything lately that's blown your mind.